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The quoted price included all of our features, free set-up guidance and support from our experts. You only pay for the number of assessments you need to create.

All the features and support you need

We include everything as standard – there are no hidden costs

Access to over 250,000 SDS

Instant access to the safety data sheets of all chemicals that your team use.

Risk monitoring alerts

Pinpoint your high-risk assessments, and those that contain specific chemical hazards.

Secure data

Your data will always be stored and transferred securely so you can rest at ease.

SDS Acquisition Service

If you need an SDS that isn’t in the library, you can upload your own or ask us to obtain it for you, simple!

Multi-language support

Our COSHH365 system supports many languages, allowing your non-English team members to feel right at home.

Team reports and analysis

Highlight your company departments and team members that are up to date, or that have overdue assessments.

COSHH automation!

The COSHH automation will extract the important information from your chemical’s SDS and add it directly to your COSHH risk assessment

Ask Ray™ and Live Chat support

Many of our customers highlight our friendly and quick-to-respond support team as being the best they’ve ever experienced. How can we help you?

Employee-friendly assessments

Our risk assessment documents make it really easy for your team members to acknowledge chemical risks and task hazards. Download sample assessment

Free expert guidance

Our experts are happy to discuss any aspect of the COSHH365 system – we want to make sure you are happy!

Online assessment wizard

Our online assessment wizard is so easy-to-use, and it allows you to make any changes you like immediately and directly

Export data to Excel

You can export sets of assessment data directly to Excel or PDF. It’s your data and you can use it however you wish!

No limit on team members

You only pay for the number of assessments you need – there are no limits on the number of people who can create and manage them.

Scale from 5 to 5000 team members

We’ve included a variety of powerful ways to manage your team member access, allowing you to work effectively at any scale.

Add custom logos

You can add your own logo to your assessments. Easy but effective branding!

Talk to us about your enterprise requirements

We include everything as standard – there are no hidden costs

Custom functionality

We are always happy to help with custom functionality you need. If it’s a requirement for other customers as well, this could be free!


Need to provide training and support to a wide group with limited resource? Our systems experts can help!


We support integration with many solutions via Excel. Talk to us about further integrations that would save you time.

Project Support

We know what’s required to create compliant COSHH risk assessments, and our experienced team can support you throughout the process.

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