Sample COSHH risk assessment

Our unique risk assessments make it really easy to identify task and chemical hazards and work safer

“Great software. Risk Assessments are in a great format, and they are easy to replicate and produce. A brilliant way to maintain RAs and uphold H&S of the business.”

Charlotte Brown
Regional Health and Safety Manager, VSG

What’s in the assessment

Our assessments contain 5 sections:

1. Task Details
2. Substance Information
3. Task Hazards and Controls
4. Health Suirveillance
5. Sign off sheet

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Section 1 of 5:

Task Details

Here you can outline the task being carried out. With our great editor, you can add text colour and formatting to highlight crucial information. You can also insert images, tables and even hyperlinks!

Section 2 of 5:

Substance Information

The substance information section outlines the important information relating to the substances being used in your task. It shows the hazards of the substance, the regulatory statements and any Spillage, Storage and Waste instructions.

Section 3 of 5:

Task Hazards & Controls

Here we display any hazards that may occur when carrying out the task. It shows the controls in place to help reduce the risk, and any emergency controls that outline what to do if those hazards did occur.

Each of the hazards clearly shows the risk rating values of both before and after controls to demonstrate the risk reduction made by the controls in place.

Section 4 of 5:

Health Surveillance

The health surveillance area of the assessment outlines any required health monitoring in place to spot early signs of any ill health.

Section 5 of 5:

Sign Off Sheet

The final part of the assessment is the Confirmation. The sign off sheet holds the signatures of those carrying out the task, and is a confirmation that they have understood the risks and will comply with the control measures.