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We understand that safety data sheets are difficult to acquire and maintain, and we wanted to solve your problem of interpreting those hazards into a compliant COSHH assessment. So we did!

  • Waste no more time chasing safety data sheets with access to our managed service of over 250,000
  • Save 30 minutes per safety data sheet, transcribing information to your COSHH assessment, by using our automated tool
  • Feel confident that your COSHH folder is up to date with 24/7 access for emergency services and HSE inspection

Clearer COSHH assessment documents

We’ve worked with a wealth of health, safety and quality business leaders to design COSHH assessments that are:

  • Auto-populated with essential information directly from chemical safety data sheets
  • Very simple to edit
  • Easy to understand and use

Fully customisable, no extra cost

We give you complete control to customize your COSHH assessments. Our online assessment wizard editor means you can make changes immediately and directly – no time wasted waiting for changes, and no costs for making them.

Easy to set-up. Easy to scale

You can be up and running with your first COSHH assessment in minutes.

Scaling up is just as easy, whether you need 10 or 1000 team members to have access your company COSHH assessments and safety data sheets. Just add the locations of your business, and then add users to them.

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“Great software. Risk Assessments are in a great format, and they are easy to replicate and produce. A brilliant way to maintain RAs and uphold H&S of the business.”

Charlotte Brown
Regional Health and Safety Manager, VSG

“The COSHH & MSDS management software is easy to use and very visual for end users. The team are always helpful and reply to our requests promptly”

Paul Harris
SHEQ Manager, Laleham Health & Beauty Ltd

“The system gives us easy access to SDS sheets and enables us to create effective COSHH assessments”

Steve Howe
Health & Safety Coordinator, Coca-Cola European Partners