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Identify, reduce and eliminate risk in your workplace with modern safety products that keep you compliant without breaking the bank.

Quickly create COSHH risk assessments in an easy to read format.

Store your safety data sheets online, or have us get them for you.

Keep up to date as our team updates your safety data sheets for you.

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Reduce risk in your workplace during COVID-19

Comply with new work policy for Working safely during coronavarus (COVID-19) using our new Safety Icons.

Quickly create and update high-level risk assesments for your team.

Update assessment with COVID-19 risks to transition your team back to a safe workplace.

Add consistency to the graphics with our new COVID-19 Safety Icons.

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Introducing Alexis

Are you tired of manually copying safety data sheet information into your assessment?

That’s where Alexis comes in, our helpful and friendly AI will automatically find the important information in your safety data sheet and add it to your assessment at the click of the button!

He will even suggest potential hazards and controls using the substance for you, what a guy :)

So no longer do you need to manually copy information from safety data sheets again, saving you heaps of time and letting you get on with the more important work of assessing the hazards and keeping you and your colleagues safe.

Assessments That Are Easy To Understand

COSHH assessments don’t need to be rocket science, this is why we have created a design that is simple and easy to understand for the end user (the person carrying out the task)

With COSHH365 you won't find rocket science, just simple, easy to understand & compliant risk assessments!

  • Standardised Assessments - You can produce COSHH assessments for practically any task that are easy to read and understand using our unique standardised template.
  • Highly Visual – They say a picture can say a thousand words and that’s exactly true, using our assessment editor you can add as many hazard and control icons as you require to your assessments.
  • Severity – Using our traffic light system easily see the before controls and after controls in place ratings for the task being carried out, making it very clear to the end user the dangers of not following the assessment.

Tailor Risk Assessments To Suit Your Needs

Using our simple online wizard you can create risk assessments that are specifically tailored to your business, making any changes you require.

  • Custom Hazards & Controls – Add as little or many hazards and controls you need with graphical images to make it easier for the person reading the assessment. Even customise the text against the hazard or control to tailor it even more.
  • Upload Images – Upload and add images to your assessment to clearly explain the procedure or process.
  • Add Custom Text – Using our online text editor, just like Word you can add text, format it, add tables, add bullet points… The options are endless allowing you to customise how your assessment looks to suit your needs.

Easy to set-up. Easy to scale

You can be up and running with your first COSHH assessment in minutes.

Scaling up is just as easy, whether you need 10 or 1000 team members to have access your company COSHH assessments and safety data sheets. Just add the locations of your business, and then add users to them.

Central location for all your health & safety information

See how it works

“Great software. Risk Assessments are in a great format, and they are easy to replicate and produce. A brilliant way to maintain RAs and uphold H&S of the business.”

Charlotte Brown
Regional Health and Safety Manager, VSG

“The COSHH & MSDS management software is easy to use and very visual for end users. The team are always helpful and reply to our requests promptly”

Paul Harris
SHEQ Manager, Laleham Health & Beauty Ltd

“The system gives us easy access to SDS sheets and enables us to create effective COSHH assessments”

Steve Howe
Health & Safety Coordinator, Coca-Cola European Partners